Check out what’s going on in our September issue

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From sweets to science and social media – see what we’ve been talking about in our September issue


Rudolph on the front cover of the August issue?

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See why we’re put Rudolph on the front cover this month…

It’s our birthday soon…

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Laboratory News celebrates its 40th anniversary in October and in preparation for our birthday edition we’ve been trawling the archives finding out how we’ve changed since the first issue back in 1971. Much has changed with the magazine in that time, as it has with science – from the Space Shuttle program which launched the ISS and Hubble Telescope, to sequencing the entire human genome and cloning Dolly the sheep.

We’d love to know what you consider to be the most significant scientific advance of the last 40 years – justlet us know. We’ll collate your responses and publish a Laboratory News top 10 in our October issue. If you’d also like to write a little on why you think your choice is so significant then we may even publish that as well!

What about life in the lab over that time? What has changed? What has remained steadfastly the same? We love to know your thoughts on life as a scientist over the past 40 years or so.

We’re also hoping to get in touch with past editors, writers, contributors and advertisers – please get in touch if you can help us trace them.

As always this is your publication – so please do get in touch, we really do value your input.

As always the address is

Wanna see what’s in the July issue?

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Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming up in the July issue – hope you enjoy it:

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Check out the June issue

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Here’s what’s going on in the June issue

Leaving a lasting legacy

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As a recent father I find myself more and more concerned with the idea of legacy. What will I pass on to the next generation? What will I be remembered for? At the moment my daughter is perfectly happy for daddy to pull a funny face whilst blowing a raspberry – but will that really suffice as my offering to her future?

Yet, whatever we achieve in our lives, whatever possession it is that we are proudest to pass on – the real legacy is in our genes. This exquisitely precise, yet surprisingly resilient set of instructions tasked with conducting the orchestra of proteins and RNA in our cells is the ultimate hand-me-down.

All life forms (bar the odd virus that has evolved to be content with RNA at the helm) share one thing in common – we are all puppets with DNA tweaking our performance to suit its own needs like a master marionette.

And what of the molecule responsible for this puppetry? It is of course Deoxyribonucleic Acid – the polymeric nucleotide and sugar strands that bear the responsibility not only of function but also of heritability. Their double-helix form has become perhaps the most recognisable in modern science – a logo of the most beautiful and insightful kind.

DNA and the changes it orchestrates is the driving force in biological research today – in this issue alone we learn why the ability to engineer custom strands of DNA has allowed genomic research to come on leaps and bounds (p20); discover that conditions of the early Earth can be understood by reconstructing ancient enzymes from DNA (p5); find that modern forensics can get vital clues from the smallest of DNA fragments (p4) and learn that DNA sequencing is key to beating antibacterial resistance (p10).

Darwin taught us to look at speciation as a glorious tree of life – and as the geneticist and excellent populariser of science, Professor Steve Jones, recently highlighted it is indeed a tree of life, not a forest. It happened once – and blossomed into the cornucopia that we see today. Each of us carries deep within our DNA the genetic shadows of the earliest of our ancestors – and I can’t imagine a more inspiring legacy to hand on.

Each one of us is a new and unique experiment, yet also we irrevocably bear the heady weight of historical lineage – The ultimate re-branding exercise, the old reshuffled to form the new.  Yet, with the everyday pressure that life brings, it is so easy to forget the testament to genetic legacy tucked away in our cells.

With this in mind we have lined up a little treat – what better way to remind yourself that you are part of this biological legacy – than to put this continuance of life in all its glory on your wall! Find out how you could win a beautiful artwork based entirely on your unique DNA.

Check out whats coming up in the issue in our video:

Fancy a sneak peek at the April issue?

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Here’s a quick look at what’s coming up in the April issue


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