Watch: The Apollo moon landings – in 4D!

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For all those who ever wanted to feel the impact of a Saturn V rocket launch, be part of a moon landing and even discover the smell of space – now you can in the Legend of Apollo at the Science Museum’s 4D cinema.  You can experience being part of the ground-breaking Apollo missions of the 1960’s and 1970’s through NASA film archives, exceptional 3D computer animation and the personal reminiscences of former NASA Apollo astronaut Col. David R. Scott.

The Legend of Apollo 4D film uses the latest simulation and effects technologies.

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Check out what’s going on in our September issue

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From sweets to science and social media – see what we’ve been talking about in our September issue

The Sky Tonight at the Peter Harrison Planetarium in Greenwich

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If you enjoyed the BBC’s Stargazing LIVE, you’ll enjoy The Sky Tonight. Presented live by a Royal Observatory astronomer, this show will show you which constellations and planets, cosmic gas clouds, comets or shooting stars can be seen in the night sky. A must for any amateur stargazer.

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Rudolph on the front cover of the August issue?

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See why we’re put Rudolph on the front cover this month…

It’s our birthday soon…

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Laboratory News celebrates its 40th anniversary in October and in preparation for our birthday edition we’ve been trawling the archives finding out how we’ve changed since the first issue back in 1971. Much has changed with the magazine in that time, as it has with science – from the Space Shuttle program which launched the ISS and Hubble Telescope, to sequencing the entire human genome and cloning Dolly the sheep.

We’d love to know what you consider to be the most significant scientific advance of the last 40 years – justlet us know. We’ll collate your responses and publish a Laboratory News top 10 in our October issue. If you’d also like to write a little on why you think your choice is so significant then we may even publish that as well!

What about life in the lab over that time? What has changed? What has remained steadfastly the same? We love to know your thoughts on life as a scientist over the past 40 years or so.

We’re also hoping to get in touch with past editors, writers, contributors and advertisers – please get in touch if you can help us trace them.

As always this is your publication – so please do get in touch, we really do value your input.

As always the address is

Wanna see what’s in the July issue?

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Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming up in the July issue – hope you enjoy it:

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Size Matters: The Royal Institution Christmas lectures 2010

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Ever wondered why a hamster would survive if you drop it from a great height, why an elephant couldn’t dance no matter how hard it tries or what happens to chocolate as it melts?

Well fret no more: Dr Mark Miodownik answered these – and many other questions – during his Size Matters series of Christmas lectures at the Royal Institution. Mark explored the importance of the micro and macroscale by dropping a hamster and dog – ok gunge-filled balloons – from a great height; introduced us to a flea circus and flew around the lecture theatre over three jam-packed lectures.

They were great fun to watch – and certainly kept the Lab News team entertained over the festive period. Unbeknown to us, the RI have been producing DVDs of the Christmas lectures since 2005, and this year – for the first time – they are available to order online via Amazon.

And we’ve got two to give away thanks to the lovely people at the RI. To be in with a chance of winning, just send your name, address and institution/organisation to by 29th June. Good luck!

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